In 1930, Bishop Rene Perros requested Fr. Mirabel and Fr. Nicolas to start the work of evangelization in Chiangmai and they reached Chingmai on January 18, 1931.

The Sacred Heart College, a Catholic school under Chiang Mai Diocese, was established on 15 May 1932 by Fr. George Mirabel (MEP) and Fr. Nicholas Boonkerd Kitbamrung under the control and support of Bishop Rene Paros (MEP) and was officially approved on 1 July 1932.

“…the establishment of the catholic mission in Chiangmai: Fr.Mirabel was enthusiastic to work with the Thai priest (Fr.Nicolas), who was gifted with zeal and ability to preach and teach religion the whole day.  This Thai priest was also endowed with great faith that when two missionaries came to him, they immediatedly started to build a smaill chapel… Both priests help the same opinion that thw work of spreading the words of the Gospel should start in the schools, something similar to Bishop Rene Parros’ plans.  This was the reason why one year after the arrival of the two priests, a school for girls (Regina Coeli College) under the care of the Congregation of the Ursuline sisters while a school for boys (Montfort College) under the custody of the Congregation of the Brothers of St.Gabriel were erected in Chiangmai near the Church vicinity.  Nevertheless, the two priests saw the need to put up a school, run by the local Church itself together with the help of the local sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, namely Sacred Heart College, Chiangmai. The school aimed to offer education to the poor children and grandchildren of Catholics (boys and girls), however, the school was also frequented by a considrable number of Buddhist students.”

On November 21, 1932 Fr. Rene Meunier, a French priest (MEP) came to help Fr. Mireabel untill the 29th of June 1934, afterwards, Fr.Mirabel, the first principal of the Sacred Heart College, went back to France to enter the monastive life as he had always wanted.

 Later, many priests came to only for a short period because of many obstracles, problems and difficulties brought by the Second World War but the priests and missionaries of the MEP Congregation remained steadfast in their missionary activities throughout the northern region while the sisters of Sacred Heart of Jesus had come to work in the school up to the present.

School Symbol

Abbreviation: S.C.

School colors White and pink are the school colors which symbolize love and humanity, following the example of Jesus

Uniqueness:  Love and Service Mind

Identity:  Politeness, Gentleness and Kindness

At Present (2018)

Sacred Heart College School is a shool for both boys and girls. The apporoximate numbers are around 1900 students.  It has three sections:

  • Kindergarten section: Nursery students are 2-3 years old and Kindergarten students are 4-6 years old.
  • Primary section: the students are 7-12 years old
  • Secondary section, the students are 13-18 years old.

– Lower secondary (Mathayom levels 1-3):  each levels there are mainly 2 programs namely Common program and Intensive program.  The curriculums between two programs are similar but 
the Intensive Program (IP) is organized for elementatry and lower secondary students who want to develop their English. In this program, the students study English with foreign teachers and studies Mathematics and Sciences in English. However, some students who want to emphasise on Science, there are additional program for them so called: IP Sciences and Sciences program.

– Upper secondary (Mathayom levels 4-6): There are 4 programs as follows.

  • Sciences and Mathematics program
  • English and Chinese program
  • English and Japanese program
  • English and Mathematics program

The common program is organized for all sections according to the National curriculum. SC Stem Model has been organized into learning and teaching Program that is of Sciences, Technology, Engineering – Ethics – English, and Mathematics in learning process. In addition, the school aims for quality education, therefore, the school provides all students in every sections good morals and proficient in three languages; Thai, English and Chinese, as well as skills in technology which is an important tool for communication, for higher education, for employment, and for seeking further knowledge in the ASEAN Association as well as internationally.


School address: Sacred Heart College, 225 Chareonprathet road, Tambon Changklan, Thailand 50100.


To support our learning and students’ physical development, the school provides some areas and facility rooms according to the purposes.  There are 8 buildings in the campus namely, Our Lady Mary, Magarita, Infant Jesus, Sacred Heart, Joseph, Rosaria and Mathew. Besides, there are sport courts for basketball, futsal, volleyball and table tennis including Swimming pool, Library, Robot room, IT lab, computer room, cooking room, etc.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]